Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) is a powerful brain coding technique, rooted in behavioral science, that allows people to completely reprogram negative thought patterns and bias, and neutralize emotional blocks. Based on research that dates all the way back to the 1970’s by Lester Levenson, a physicist whose research led him to discover this profound approach to overcoming our deep-seated, limiting beliefs.  The goal of SRT is to create a mindset that focuses on opportunity, purpose, healthful relationships, and to promote more consistent feelings of positivity, possibility, and joy. By engaging this technique, we are able to construct mental pathways that empower us to begin accessing our greater potential and create the life we truly want to be living.

Our subconscious mind is enabled at birth and is responsible for 80% of how we navigate the world. With a virtually unlimited capacity, the subconscious mind permanently stores everything that has ever happened in our lives. It guides our perceptions, our thoughts, and our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. As human beings we are naturally programed for survival, with fear being a powerful, and sometimes essential force in keeping us alive and well. Thus, fear is deeply recorded in our neurological pathways. Fear allows us to anticipate scary and painful situations so as to avoid them and ultimately survive. However, it’s a double-edged sword. The allowance for fear also manifests in destructive ways by limiting our beliefs, our attitudes and our potential.

When our conscious mind partners with our unconscious mind in focusing on these limiting beliefs, we often recreate self-sabotaging experiences with no real conscious awareness.  For example: One limiting belief that many of us commonly run is “I’m not enough.” This deep-seated program, or belief process, originates from various early childhood experiences and may include a teacher’s scolding, a parent’s temper, or a coaches’ belittling. Consequently, as we grow into adulthood without addressing these persistent, negative messages, we’ll continue to subscribe to these limiting belief patterns. Within the context of our relationships, these patterns often take the form of quick reactions rather than modulated responses, blaming and shaming rather than responsibility and accountability, and being problem-focused rather than solution-oriented. Changing one’s mind, does in fact, change one’s life.  We all want to thrive – not just survive – and SRT can dramatically assist you in making this shift.

SRT coaching is performed through phone conversations. As the participant, we ask only that you be in a comfortable area where you can talk openly and breathe. During your session, your SRT coach will work with you on identifying these limiting belief patterns and programs, and will connect them with both positive and negative emotions surrounding a given event or experience. Your coach will then offer guided breathwork as she walks you through statements around these experiences. What takes place is transformative. Physically, the oxygen in your body crosses the blood brain barrier and releases the subconscious thought or programming while introducing positive, affirming messages. The SRT outcomes are powerful, with clients experiencing marked reduction in stress and anxiety, and alleviated depression. This healing modality provides a strong foundation to help you create a thriving existence; to flourish in the life you deserve.