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Spiritual Entrepreneur & Founder of LIP

The gift of my journey has been my greatest teacher. Some of the best gifts I’ve received, have arrived wrapped in less than attractive packaging. Through the not so pleasant gift of getting fired from my job in sales and operations, I discovered the inner treasure map that lead me to living Love Ignites Peace. From that crisis, my husband and I started our own business. We mortgaged everything we owned, borrowed money from family, and at one time had $120,000 on credit cards.

Juggling being a mother, a wife, and the personal responsibility I felt to make our business a financial success wore me down. Fear and exhaustion enslaved me, ultimately pushing me to abdicate control, release struggle, and fully surrender. From that darkness emerged the beautiful and abundantly rich gift of my self-awakening. The shadows that blanketed my happiness illuminated the path to who I wanted to become. Through constant questioning and observation, my self-destructive beliefs revealed themselves. With determination and help from others I purged those limiting mental and emotional beliefs. I worked on becoming Love Ignites Peace from the inside out. I learned to trust myself and the ever-changing flow of life. I learned to love myself and those around me, even amidst the chaos. My inner revolution lead to my evolution.

I’ve retired from that successful and long career, my two children are grown and independent, and now I devote my life to what my heart has always longed for me to be – a voice for positivity and human potential. Along the way, a Higher Power gifted me with an exquisitely wrapped package, the three words Love Ignites Peace. Those three words contain a general truth, a magical formula. They are the gift I am passionately eager to share with you. Love Ignites Peace is a gift to humanity so that together we can transform chaos into peace.

I’ve learned through the course of this journey we call life that there aren’t any accidents if we’re paying attention. That we are guided and protected, even when the lessons seem tough. Trauma and loss defined my young life with the loss of both my brother and my father. My heart felt afraid to love for the fear of loss. But I also learned strength, perseverance, and independence. I landed my first “real” job with Starz Entertainment at 18, starting as a Production Assistant and working my way to Producer while attending film school.

A fork in the road emerged when my mom was thrown off a horse and broke her back. That lead me to the hardest decision of my life – to leave my great job to start a family business that would provide for us all. The birth of my precious, amazing daughter Sydney was the gift that kept me strong as I negotiated the spiral of divorce, failing relationships, single parenting, and a small business struggling for success. Through the business, I’ve created the most amazing connections and friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. They have expanded my knowledge and wisdom and led me to amazing healers and teachers who helped me open my heart to loving myself first, so that I could love others without fear of loss.

Not long ago, during an energy healing session with Sher, my heart and mind connected, revealing my purpose and the reason for my journey. The film degree, the experience in broadcast media, the platform of pain to seek healing work, the meeting of my dear friend Paige, and the magical Reiki session with Sher, all these individual pictures of the big picture, finally came together to illuminate my purpose and direction. Through film, I now share my knowledge and wisdom to assist people with their own healing and life transforming journey. I’m so thrilled to partner with these incredible women to pursue this amazing mission because in my heart of hearts — I dream and imagine a world where Love Ignites Peace.

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Executive Producer


Chief Marketing Officer & Public Relations

I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in California, the Santa Clara Valley. The Valley nurtured my childhood and influenced my career. At that time, the landscape was dotted with grape vineyards, and a multitude of fruit trees like apple, peach, apricot, orange, and lemon. Every day I walked to school smelling the earthy scent of fermenting grapes from the Almaden Winery and the pungent smells of the Gilroy garlic fields. That once fertile Santa Clara Valley soil is now home to the concrete riches of Silicon Valley, a landscape forever changed.

After studying marketing and advertising at the University of Santa Cruz, I started my marketing career with the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley. Eventually, my high-tech career relocated to Colorado. A horseback riding accident not long after moving to Colorado provided the catalyst that led me away from high-tech towards finding my passion and purpose – energy healing. The work of a quantum Reiki master energy healer helped me heal from the accident and introduced me to my life’s work.

For me, high-tech had become an exhaustive rat race of pressures and extreme competitiveness. Fear of letting go of the stable, lucrative income plagued me, but in my heart of hearts I knew I was here to serve a higher purpose. I studied energy healing and mediumship work under master teachers Michelle Moceri, Intuitive Medium and Healer; John Holland, Evidential Medium; and Joseph Shiel, Medium / Spirit Artist. That led to me opening a healing center, where I met Paige and several years later Christie. I am inspired to utilize my experience in marketing for humanitarian projects – another way for me to offer healing to humanity and the planet. It is exciting and humbling and I am so grateful to be working alongside Paige, Christie, and Ashlyn to launch the Love Ignites Peace movement, and the upcoming ME BE WE film.

My greatest desire is to live a heart-centered life that shines light and love into the world. I call it living heart wide open. I am committed to living my life to my highest potential and helping others do the same. But, in order to live that joyful, fun, impactful, and positive life, I have had to face the fears that kept me small.

I was a fear-filled child, worrying about everyone, and especially worrying about my safety. When I was a kid, a black unmarked truck followed me home from school one day, and was it not for a neighbor who came around the corner, I am certain they would have harmed me. When I was in middle school, I tried to include and befriend a lonely kid who then made me fear for my life with the descriptive and awful things he would talk about. When I was in high school, I would irrationally panic the second a guy I liked moved from friend to potential boyfriend territory. All of those moments opened floodgates of fear inside of me.

As I got older, I knew that I didn’t want to live my life in fear – I couldn’t live my life in fear. I had to dive deeper into releasing the trauma of those moments as well as understanding why they triggered me. Preparing for the worst is not the way to live life to the fullest.

As I worked on those incidents, they opened up many other areas for self-evolution. Learning how to unravel those fears was a big part of my personal journey to living Love Ignites Peace. I am now fully aware that the things that make me extremely uncomfortable, the people that greatly bother me, and the messy situations that happen, are the most important things for me to reflect upon.

I love the creative aspects of Marketing and Social Media and I am excited to be part of Team LIP to bring this important message to humanity. From working at Make-A-Wish, to The Peace Corps, to the American Red Cross, to teaching English in Thailand, I have found that it is through helping others shine their light and recognizing their brilliance, that I can best help the world live heart wide open. I believe the Love Ignites Peace message can unify the world, helping individuals radiate their light 100 times over. In today’s world, social media connects us all and I am committed to using it as a voice to spread positivity, greater acceptance, and love.

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Director of Social Media & Brand Management

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I love to create; drawings, songs, colors, photos, ramblings, whatever comes out. Sacredness exists in what we create, that is all.

Sometimes the thought comes out easier in a Haiku, or it just occurs magically in a photo I happened to snap. Sometimes I find my thoughts mirrored and illuminated through reading the work of others, and that inspires me to write. It all boils down to the journey through the messy maze of life, and my desire to find love in all of it, by making.

I am a writer and an artist because I love to make things; because I can’t not spill over. I want to share my constant quest to learn based on what strikes my fancy.

In all of this, I have a burning desire to enable the creative stirrings of the humans surrounding me. The urge to create is ever human. And I believe creating is what keeps us sane, what keeps us living well, and connecting with those around us, (even if your creation is a single letter that is sent to one other human).

Paige and I met some years ago, and after getting to know one another, she began taking voice lessons with me. I remember being awed by the joy and love which burst through her when she was singing. I am honored to be working with Paige again now, as her editor, and am thrilled to watch as she awakens humanity to the message of Love Ignites Peace.