Is Love Ignites Peace part of a religious movement?

Love Ignites Peace (LIP) is a universal message for everyone. Anyone and everyone can choose to live LIP. Part of embodying LIP is allowing everyone to live freely within their own beliefs and their unique expressions of themselves without judgement. Every person is important and significant regardless of their belief systems. Love is Universal. Love is every person’s birthright.

Who is the Founder?

Paige Farrington is the Founder and Spiritual Entrepreneur behind LIP. Please click on About LIP for bio and more information.

Who funds Love Ignites Peace (LIP)?

LIP is fully funded by our Founder. Additionally, many of the people helping launch the LIP message into the world have donated their time.

Where did Love Ignites Peace originate?

Love Ignites Peace was an unexpected gift to Paige’s unsuspecting mind. For the full story click here.

When did Love Ignites Peace Launch?

Paige received the words Love Ignites Peace in July of 2008. It took her over a decade to understand their meaning and to learn to live Love Ignites Peace. Click here to read the full story. The summer of 2019 Paige and her team began to formulate a plan to launch the Love Ignites Peace message to the world, and at the beginning of 2021 LIP was introduced to the world when the website and social media went live.

How can I get involved?

The most important thing you can do is to choose to live Love Ignites Peace as your personal mantra and share the message. Commit to reflecting on your own life through the lens of LIP in Motion. Then share your personal transformation with us!! We want to hear from you and how you are living Love Ignites Peace in your life and how that has affected your external relationships. Please send us your stories at or share them on our social media pages. We accept written and video content.

Can I be a part of the LIP team?

We will put the call out for volunteers and paid positions on our website.

Why isn’t Love Ignites Peace registered as a non-profit?

When you choose to set up your organization as a non-profit you are agreeing to an immense set of rules that differ by state. It is our desire to bring the Love Ignites Peace message to all 50 states and every country in the world. If we chose to set up as a non-profit, we would have had to employ several full-time people dedicated to knowing and keeping us within the rules of every state and country. It seemed easier to us to get the message out and to give us flexibility in how we operate to set up as an LLC. As we get the movement going, we may re-organize and apply for non-profit status, but time will show us if that is the right path.

Why Merchandise?

We have created merchandise for two reasons, to spread the Love Ignites Peace message and to fund the movement. When you purchase merchandise or donate money, you are donating to keeping the Love Ignites Peace movement alive. We need funds to create our content and to organize conferences, events, and music festivals.

How do I donate to LIP?

We gladly and gratefully accept any and all donations. Please go to our merchandise page and select “donate.”