Author: paigefpeace


Have you ever dreamed about being a superhero? What would your superpower be? Well, good news! You were born with a superpower. Love: A power so potent, that when consciously channeled, has the potential to impact any and all outcomes. We love our families, our partners, and our friends. However, now the time has come to learn to focus our love like superheroes on a life-saving mission.  What does love mean to you? We filmed many responses to that complex question and received a variety of answers, with many responses touching our hearts. Love, to me, allows life to flourish…


Honor is the sum of understanding + forgiveness + allowing + accepting + respect. Courageously honor your unique journey as your autonomous path to living the life you’ve created. Respectfully, allow others that same freedom. When you truly accept yourself then you have no need to judge the actions of others. Understand how your story was knitted by the stories of others and forgive because you understand. Our lives even under the darkest of circumstances hold great beauty when we are ready to see and accept. Honoring your journey and each individual’s unique journey empowers freedom.


You want others to regard your feelings, rights, and beliefs with respect. Offer that same consideration to others. Through your choices, you create the unique individual that you present to the world. You are your choices in action. Respect and learn from your choices, good or bad, and offer that same consideration to others. No one is asking you to agree, just to be considerate, and to respect others’ freedom to live their own choices. Respecting all choices creates harmony.


Accepting removes the obstacles to interacting without judgement. You are constantly bombarded by the media, family, friends, and culture telling you who you should be and who you should not be. Block out the outside voices by listening to your inner knowing and accept yourself as you are. Judging, shaming, and punishing ourselves and others stops the flow of love. Accepting empowers openness, creativity, and freedom. Self-acceptance and accepting others are the highest forms of love in action. Acceptance ignites peace.


You are unique. Your experiences are unique. Your beliefs are unique. Your physical attributes combined with your experiences and your beliefs make you who you are. There is no one else exactly like you. Allow yourself to express and live as your heart desires and then offer that same gift to every person you meet. The only person you can change is you. Allow others the freedom to believe and live as they choose. Allowing disconnects your need to control.


Forgiveness is easier when you understand the story behind the actions. Inflicting pain on others results from the pain we have suffered. Hurt perpetuates more hurt. Forgiveness arises from your desire to stop the cycle of pain and suffering. Understand your story and forgive yourself. Explore the stories of those who have hurt you and offer them forgiveness because you can understand the path of their pain. Forgiveness energizes peace.


You have a story – a unique story. Your story has defined how you feel and think about yourself and others. Many stories are filled with trauma, judgement, shame, and anger. Even if you grew up in a loving home, you still have difficult stories that have affected your beliefs and behaviors. You are your story being played out in the world. Understand your story so you can understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Transform your old patterns that perpetuated pain, suffering, and conflict, into awareness and empathy. Understanding your story enables you to evolve beyond its limitations.