When I look at the word evolve, I see the word love scrambled two different ways: evol and olve. I remember laughing out loud when my mind made this connection, feeling amused by this universal wink, the synchronicity I had seen in it. Had the secret to humanity’s evolution been hidden right before my very eyes? 

You see, I am an intentional and conscious student of love. The last 13 years of my life have been dedicated to understanding the three words, Love Ignites Peace (LIP). Those three words have guided my journey to loving myself, which has enabled me to offer my internal wisdom to the external world. Love Ignites Peace has attuned my awareness to the healing power of love. Read my LIP story here.

In order for me to unscramble the love in evolve/evolution, I was required to change my perception. Love focused a spotlight on my inner angst, encouraging me to begin questioning why I felt the way I did, and why I’d made the decisions I’d made. My closest and most intimate relationships made me feel like I wasn’t lovable, that I just wasn’t ever enough. Out of the blue, the people that I thought loved me would verbally attack me and blame me for some trifling comment or action. These shadows (and many others) that darkened my psyche were my greatest teachers.  

I asked love to show me the way to living Love Ignites Peace, and love responded. The right people showed up in my life to help me find the answers. When I would feel sad, angry, or unhappy, I learned to ask my inner darkness to show me the root cause of my suffering. My shadow, my teacher, held my hand and guided me to the answers. By changing my perception, and seeing my darkness as my teacher, I was able to discern the answers to my inner pain and move beyond it. I consciously chose the love in evolution to evolve beyond my circumstance. 

Love’s spotlight on my darkness gave me the insight to see love as humanity’s path to evolution as a species.

Turn on the news, and violent and negative messaging instills fear and separation. Open your social media feed, and read people shaming others for thinking and believing differently. Fear, separation, and shame – the darkest energies that breed anger, violence, and war – are also the energies that can show us a path to a different way of being when we change our perception. How can our inner and outer unrest illuminate the path to love? 

Look inside and begin asking love to shine a spotlight on your shadows. Why do you need to be right and then share that rightness with the world? Why do you need to judge and shame someone for believing differently? Look at yourself with fresh eyes and become part of humanity’s evolution. 

Our internal world directly reflects and creates the outer world. The microcosm of you contributes to the macrocosm of our society. The echoes of humanity’s history reverberate within thousands of years of greed, misuse of power, and endless wars. Continuing with the same responses and behaviors perpetuates the same end result. 

Seeing those dark energies through fresh eyes encourages us to seek the “whys” behind the unrest, so that we can then choose to forge a different path; one that cools the fires of discontent rather than fuels them. 

Love is humanity’s latent superpower, just awaiting you, the superhero, to say yes to the call. Acts of heroism are everywhere. Big or small, they all contribute to the sum of our collective experience. 

Cristian, who designed the LIP logo, was raised by his mom because his dad refused to allow him in his life.  Cristian could have become a victim of his circumstance, but he used the shadows of his fatherlessness to illuminate his path to offering his children the best version of a father that he could imagine. He changed his perception from focusing on what he lacked, and instead used his experience as a gift to create a different experience for his children. Listen to Cristian’s heartfelt story of using the hurt and anger as tools to create the beginnings of love. There is no job more important to him than being a good father and husband. He evolved beyond the pain of his circumstance – his shadow teaching him to be love in action. View Cristian’s story here.

We can’t see what doesn’t lie in our immediate periphery. Look around, seek from an even higher plateau, expand your perception. See the love that is asking to be birthed from the chaos. Be the love in evolution – understand, forgive, accept, allow, respect, and honor each other. 

Love is humanity’s next big evolution. Attune your awareness to love.

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