Have you ever dreamed about being a superhero? What would your superpower be? Well, good news! You were born with a superpower. Love: A power so potent, that when consciously channeled, has the potential to impact any and all outcomes. We love our families, our partners, and our friends. However, now the time has come to learn to focus our love like superheroes on a life-saving mission. 

What does love mean to you? We filmed many responses to that complex question and received a variety of answers, with many responses touching our hearts.

Love, to me, allows life to flourish and thrive in all of its diverse expressions.  Love encourages and supports the best in all of us, while giving us the space to make that discovery on our own.  

Love unceasingly shows us new ways for happiness and joy to be experienced. 

I’ve often said that I’ve won the parent and grandparent lottery. I was loved. I felt it. I knew it. Love held me in its security. Each of my parents and grandparents loved me; but the one who truly taught me about love, unconditional love, is my Dad. In spite of the stress he was under, he still found the energy to play with us when we were little and made us laugh so hard our sides hurt. There was no mountain he wouldn’t climb to be there for us if we needed him. When my first child was born, he closed his business and drove all night to be with us. I knew that if ever I needed him, no matter what he was doing, he would drop everything and be there. When, as a snotty child and a self-absorbed adult, I didn’t show him as much love in return, he never complained or judged. He stood steadfast in his unconditional love, accepting me where I was. 

A few years back I asked him how he learned so much about love and his response surprised me: “I learned watching others in my family act selfish and manipulative toward each other. I knew how I did not want to be and how I did not want to act toward others, especially my family.” Lack of love destroyed my dad’s family and their thriving business. My dad consciously chose to become love, the opposite of what he’d observed.

I had the good fortune to have a family that consciously taught me about love. The concept of unconditional love was talked about. My family provided me with a strong inner foundation to build upon and return to when I was ready. I traveled away from self-love for many years, ultimately finding solace as I returned back to the roots of my childhood. Without that journey away from love, I wouldn’t have learned how to fully activate my ability to be love

Love taught me expanded self-awareness so I could truly learn to love myself, and in so doing love others, not in the sentimental way, but from a place of wisdom. Love pushed me to understand the shadow of my need to people please (and many more), because I didn’t feel like I was enough on my own.  By knowing the unconditional love of my childhood, I knew the joy and bliss of love’s accepting nature.  Love pointed to my pain and said “heal this, I know you can,” while simultaneously helping me to understand others’ pain. 

As my inner anguish diminished, I no longer needed to inflict more self-imposed suffering. And the greatest bonus was that I no longer needed to fire my inner angst into the world as my weapon of self-protection. Love speaks volumes – ask for It, then listen. 

Out of our experiences with our families, we create our stories and perceptions about love. Then we enter the outside world mostly unaware of the importance of interacting with love. We have no conscious training on how to be love in the world. Schools don’t teach you how to love. Humanity has evolved technologically and intellectually, but we we’ve not come very far emotionally. What if we taught emotional awareness just like we do math, science, and reading? Emotional awareness pushes us to understand our feelings by asking what has caused us to feel this way. No one knows you like you do. Emotional awareness provides insight into the underlying causes behind our deepest fears and wounding. Becoming aware of the whys of your feelings illuminates the parts of you that need love the most.

Humanity’s next evolutionary leap will occur through expanding our emotional awareness. Love is how an evolved society interacts; hence, our latent superpower is urgently asking to be activated. Love doesn’t need us to feel love for complete strangers or the people that have hurt us, but love encourages us to explore higher paths, the ones that help us understand, forgive, accept, allow, honor, and respect – paths navigated by the insights of wisdom. Part of love as our superpower is learning to choose love, to be love in motion.

What is love? Humanity’s path to evolution for all of those superheroes willing to take the chance. Cape anyone?

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