Month: September 2021


In order to evolve beyond conflict we must change our paradigm. Love Ignites Peace (LIP) offers the path to that transformative way of thinking. We are programed to believe that conflict solves conflict, but as our world shows that is not the case. Love creates more loving interactions and ultimately peace.


Have you ever dreamed about being a superhero? What would your superpower be? Well, good news! You were born with a superpower. Love: A power so potent, that when consciously channeled, has the potential to impact any and all outcomes. We love our families, our partners, and our friends. However, now the time has come to learn to focus our love like superheroes on a life-saving mission.  What does love mean to you? We filmed many responses to that complex question and received a variety of answers, with many responses touching our hearts. Love, to me, allows life to flourish…