Here is how it all began.

On a beautiful summer Colorado day, the words Love Ignites Peace arrived in my mind without fanfare, but with extraordinary impact. I was sitting peacefully on our cabin’s deck near Rocky Mountain National Park, breathing in the beauty, my heart fully open. The birds were singing, and the cloudless, blue Colorado sky shone like heaven’s ocean.

As I looked up from my book to admire the view and exhale a sigh of gratitude, the three words, Love Ignites Peace, appeared in my mind. Their arrival jolted me from my peaceful morning, an unexpected lightning bolt. The words electrified me. They bewildered me. The words Love Ignites Peace took root in the soil of my mind and began to grow.

It took me over a decade of deep self-exploration and transformation to fully discern the vastness of their meaning in my life. Love Ignites Peace was my call to action to know, to understand, and to begin loving myself. Once I began to understand myself – the good, the bad, the trauma, and how those interacted, I was empowered to let go of my feelings of being a victim and take responsibility for my role in all my relationships.

Modeling Love Ignites Peace held me to a higher standard. By claiming Love Ignites Peace as my mantra for personal transformation, it demanded higher expectations for my behaviors and interactions. My relationships were my greatest teachers, as they reflected back to me personal patterns and beliefs that helped me better understand myself. As I became Love Ignites Peace, my words evolved from weapons into empowered words that advocated and encouraged. I allowed others to be themselves because I understood their story, but I no longer allowed their words to disparage me as a way to express their own inner turmoil. Living LIP activated my inner power, emboldening me to be me.

I feel at peace with who I am and now share that energy with all who cross my path. It’s not my job to change anyone, I’ve learned to accept them right where they are. Choosing to understand, forgive, allow, accept, respect, and honor transformed my ability to offer compassion and forgiveness to myself and others.

Choosing to live Love Ignites Peace as my way of life, changed my life. It’s now my mission to share those three powerful words with others as a path to living a happier and more peaceful life. LIP in Motion was birthed from my own journey of learning how to live Love Ignites Peace.

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