People holding up peace signs

Fearlessly loving myself.

Love is more than a feeling.

Love in action sets peace in motion.

Love generates more love.

Love is a response.

Love is who I choose to be.

Model Love.

Powered by Love.

Authentically Me.

Leading with Love
Listening with Love
Living as Love.

Positive, Powerful, Peaceful.

Be Bold…love unconditionally, live peacefully.

Completely Unique, Collectively One.

Love is a language, speak it!

Love is life’s foundation; build upon it.

Choose Love Ignites Peace as your internal and external code of conduct.

Hold yourself to a higher standard, choose to live LIP in Motion.

My first language is LOVE.

Love is a verb. Love occurs, love happens, love becomes, love chooses, love reacts, love
decides, love is.

Practice acceptance. Acceptance is love in action.

Start a chain reaction, live Love Ignites Peace.

My inner light outshines my darkness.

Even in the darkness, I see Light.

Expand love beyond feeling to ACTION.

Love is more than a feeling. Love is how an evolved society interacts.

Love as an action evolves our ability to offer love to everyone.

Become the LOVE in EVOLution.

Love is Universal. Love is every person’s birthright.

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