To change the world we must first change ourselves because we are the only one that we can change.

You become an influencer by your actions, prompting change in others. When enough individuals begin living LIP in Motion, a chain reaction will take place, provoking a tipping point. In physics, the Law of Critical Mass demonstrates the minimum amount of reactive material needed to create a self-sustaining reaction. In social dynamics the same phenomena occur with the adoption of new ideas and new ways of thinking.

When 51% of the population chooses to live LIP as their model for interaction, the remaining population will follow suit, creating a self-sustaining chain reaction. You, individually, create the collective shift for humanity living in harmony.

Take a leap of faith, muster your courage, and become a way-shower for humanity’s evolution. Consciously choose LIP as your path and put your voice and your actions into creating the tipping point. Be the IGNITION, become LOVE, and live in PEACE.

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  1. I choose to be a way-shower & shine the light on the path that lies before us…your words are inspiring ✨

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