Month: April 2021


You become an influencer by your actions, prompting change in others. When enough individuals begin living LIP in Motion, a chain reaction will take place, provoking a tipping point. In physics, the Law of Critical Mass demonstrates the minimum amount of reactive material needed to create a self-sustaining reaction. In social dynamics the same phenomena occur with the adoption of new ideas and new ways of thinking. When 51% of the population chooses to live LIP as their model for interaction, the remaining population will follow suit, creating a self-sustaining chain reaction. You, individually, create the collective shift for humanity…


In order to create a world where people live in harmony, the old programs, patterns, and conditioned responses must be made obsolete and replaced with more progressive ways of thinking, acting, and feeling. Love Ignites Peace encourages you to deeply understand yourself, so you can, even in trying situations, choose loving thoughts, loving feelings, and loving actions towards yourself and others. Living LIP is an inside job, an internal transformation. You, living LIP, creates a new dynamic within yourself and your interactions. By committing to the journey of living LIP you become a role model for change.


Albert Einstein so aptly said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” IMAGINE… …people living in equality. …allowing and acceptance eclipsing the need to judge. …abundance for all. …freedom to express as your heart desires. …a world where people treat each other with love and kindness. …a world living in harmony. …knowing all is well even in times of chaos. …feeling loved. …living LIP in Motion to the best of your abilities. …holding fast to the knowing that even in times of chaos love is working in our lives. …choosing love as…